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For the Heart of Cookies

The Cookie Countess 10 in- 40 micron tip less piping bag

The Cookie Countess 10 in- 40 micron tip less piping bag

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Go tipless! Hate the mess of cleaning tips and piping bags? These bags are for you!

  • Sold in packs of 100.
  • Optional accessories: Check out our tip clips, to seal the tip of your bag.
  • Disposable and with a closed point, so you can cut it to whatever size opening you want. 

    We offer multiple sizes.

    The 8" size is ideal for detail work and piping.

    The 10" can handle more icing, perfect for flooding.

    The 12" size range from 12 - 14" in actuality. You can always cut it down to a small size. (Available Soon)

    40 micron thickness is a sturdy bag with a puckered feel and appearance, made from HDPE plastic. The HDPE has a soft feel. If you want to use these with a tip, the thicker one will hold tip better. If you are using your bag as more of an icing "pod" to drop in a reusable bag with tip, just go with the thinner (For the heart of Cookies Brand- Only available in 10"). Try them both and see! 

    Recycling: HDPE is a number 2 recyclable plastic.  Check with your local recycling program to see if these are accepted.


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